Giving Nature a Voice

“Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes visible.”

Paul Klee

It is my strong belief as a musician and composer that music can make us feel what we do not see at the first glance in the world around us. It can go deeper than words and bring awareness to what might have been hidden in our subconscious or might just be a slight comprehension- for better or for worse.

With a strong passion for nature and the force that brings growth and movement to life I dedicate my work as a composer to bring a glimpse for the beauty and energizing force of nature, as I experience it, to the listener.

I wish that the music might give some recovering, inspiring or just chilling moments to the listeners and recommend to visit natural habitats as often as possible to experience what Japanese call “Shinrin Yoku-Forest Bathing”. Or what Bernie Krause describes as “the tuning of the great animal orchestra, a revelation of the acoustic harmony of the wild, the planet´s deeply connected expression of natural sounds and rhythm.” (from the book “The great Animal Orchestra” by Bernie Krause)

And I hope that this experience will lead more and more people to the realization that this wonderful environment called nature is worth to preserve and to maintain. I’m very sure that if we act for the benefit of nature it is also for our own benefit.